• DSME Werft Korea & Offshore Angola

    FPSO Pazflor

    Software creation, FAT, SAT and IBN lubrication oil, diesel oil & bilgewater separation

  • Refineria Esmeraldas

    Oily Sludge Treatment Plant

    Treatment of oil sludge

  • Project Euronav

    Oil tank FSO Asia and FSO Africa

    Conversion and commissioning of an oil separation plant in Dubai and Qatar from 2009 to 2010

  • Alcoa Australien

    360 m long mobile belt bridge for the shedding of mud consisting of 8 segments with one caterpillar track each.

    Orientation in the terrain and stability guarantee by GPS receiver.

Referenzen (Auszug)

  • Door lock manufacturing for automotive, Keykert (USA)

  • Brake systems production line, DTI-ATT (Mexico)

  • Depalletiser, packing machine, palletizer, Coca-Cola (London)

  • Transport systems for glass, Saint Gobain (Spain)

  • Coking plant machines, CSN (Brazil)

  • Wire winding plant, Drumet (Poland)

  • Labelling machines, Krones AG

  • Production line for ketchup / mayo-production, Kraft Foods (Falling-Bostel)


  • Filling machine for cucumbers, Kraft Foods (USA)

  • Drying ovens, Eisenwerke Brühl

  • Assembly line for cores in foundry, Eisenwerke Brühl

  • Ringzange, Rothe Erde (Dortmund)

  • Ring forceps, crucible car, Alcoa (Belgium)

  • Separators and Decanters for Nescafé, Nestlé (Switzerland)

  • Separators for milk, Nestlé (Pakistan)

  • Separators and filling machine for butter oil, Nestlé (Chile)

  • Separators for beer, SAB-Miller (Johannesburg) und Carlsberg (Denmark)

  • Separators for yeast, Ajinomoto (France)

  • Separators for mineral oil, OSG (Qatar), Total (Angola), PetroEcuador

  • Tandem ship loader, Baffinland Iron Mines (Canada)

  • Mobile spreader for unloading sludge consisting of 8 segments with a caterpillar drive each. Orientation in the terrain and control of stability by GPS receivers, Alcoa (Australia)

  • Packeging machines for gypsum boards, Siniat (Brazil) and Saint Gobain (Brazil)

  • and many more